Wentworth Falls via Conservation Hut, National Pass

This is my favourite place to relax and unwind.  It gives me comfort and peace just looking the beauty of it.

In the walk section of my blog, this is the area I will be visiting the most….just because I don’t get tired of coming here.

A little information about the famous Blue Mountains.

Even before Europeans arrived in Australia, Blue Mountains had been inhabited by the Gundungurra and the Darug people.  You can see artefacts of their way of living in various sections of the mountains which I am going to look for on each walk I will be taking.

Blue Mountains is derived from the blue tinge the range takes on when viewed from a distance.  The tinge is believed to be caused by mie scattering which occurs when incoming ultraviolet radiation is scattered by particles within the atmosphere creating a blue-greyish colour to any distant objects.  Eucalyptus trees that inhabits most of the mountains is also the reason for the blue colour of the mountain, that’s the simplest thing I can put it and probably the easiest to remember than telling someone about chemistry…not here to teach that.

Ok enough about that…now let’s do some walking.


Just letting everyone knows that I have not done any serious walking in my life but only the occasional walking to the mall/market or because I got lost and trying to find my way or because I don’t have enough cash for a bus or jeepney….hard times.

I started this journey with a 2-weeks walking around the block, on up-hill streets in my neighbourhood.  I suffered dizziness and loud banging of heart in my chest….but felt good after proper intake of oxygen.

One day in summer….I walked from the Conservation Hut; a nice restaurant with good views in Wentworth Falls….the mission is to see the majestic waterfalls named after the suburb….WENTWORTH FALLS.


Every step I take going down makes me hesitant to go further….you know…”what goes down must comes up” rule.  That’s the mountain for a walker, the further I go to the bottom the longer it will take for me to go up.  Sometimes, I do wonder…will it be easier to just bring a rope…a very long, long rope to help me shorten the journey. I wished!


Lots of stairs to tackle along this journey….thanks for the people who created RAILINGS, they helped me so MUCH!  They were my pillar of strength…ha-ha.  Well, for a person with short legs like mine….I need to jump most of the times just to get to my next step.

After 5 hours of salty….opppss, sweaty walk, 2 litres of water to hydrate and a few muesli bars…I MADE IT BACK TO THE TOP!!!

Breathtaking views and friendly people were worth the pain after.  I should always remember to stretch….ha-ha, I was so stiff the next day.
Until the next walk…..