Fondant vs. Warm Hand

Cakes, sweet pies, ice creams, gelatos, macarons and tarts are my thing. I don’t just eat…I try to recreate my favourites…sort of, ha-ha.

I have been fascinated with the beauty of a decorative cake and always been thinking of making one. Not until today that I found out the hard work someone put in those cakes that I admired….the reason for high pricing.

It took me ages and lots of argument with myself before I enrolled to a day of cake decoration.

Easter Sunday, this is the day to test my warm hands with fondant.

Boy…oh boy. I thought six (6) hours was enough for a 7″ round cake but totally WRONG!! Took a while to tort my cake….and no matter how good the sound is, GANACHING…totally a test of PATIENCE, not just the spreading and smoothing but the LICKING of fingers or spatula along the way.
cake001 cake002
After making the first stage, pretty and fabulous…here comes my new friend, Miss FONDANT. The instructor said not to use cornstarch because it will dry the “play dough”. Guess what! I am an exemption to the rule. The room was fully air-conditioned but my palms stayed warm…making the fondant all sticky. From beginning to the end…my best buddies were cornstarch and tylose powder (hardening agent) so Miss Fondant won’t throw tantrums on me.


The lesson took more hours than expected…after a lot of kneading and rolling, backache and tinted hands…finally my UNDERSEA the SEA is finish.

Have a look!!


Will surely enjoy every minute of this yummy cake….it’s a fruit of my hard work and how can anyone resist the creamy ganache covering the entire beauty.