Laksa Adventure in Sydney CBD

I have been curious for a while why people are so into LAKSA.   I am not a fan of coconut milk nor chilli on my dishes. Growing up in a cuisine that has a Spanish heritage were tomatoes, vinegar, soy sauce and sugar are part of the main ingredients ….you can only imagine how this journey will end…in FEVER!!



While walking around Town Hall area, I saw a restaurant that has a long queue of people and its LAKSA lunch! Jimmys Kitchen in The Galleries was my first stop.

They serve not only all the variety of Curry Laksa (chicken, vegetables, seafood, fish fillet, prawn…did I forget any?) but even Asam Laksa and other Malaysian dishes. Yes folks, there are two basic types of Laksa. Curry laksa is a coconut-based curry soup with noodles, while asam laksa is a sour fish soup with noodles. For this journey, I am focusing on the Curry Laksa.

First bowl of Laksa….Fish Fillet with combination noodle (rice vermicelli and thick egg noodle). The taste was not overwhelming, it has the right kick…I love the bean curd, not too spongy. I went from one spoon to another until my bowl was empty. I end with a full tummy and a sweaty nose. Not a bad start.

Prices ($7.80-$10) are very reasonable and sizing is good for one.


Yes, I am on my second day….still willing to be enticed.

I stumbled on Happy Chef in Wynyard Station by accident…I can’t find the restaurant my friend recommended and I end up here.


I ordered Seafood Laksa. Big bowl and the soup looks more spicy than the first…oh boy. I spoon my way through it….what it is with the soup than as soon as you have the first taste, you keep on coming back for more. It was too much for my palette because of the mix seafood. I positioned myself in front of the fan, just in case I end up with a sweaty nose again. The soup had the right sweetness and spicyness for my liking.

It is a little bit pricey ($10-$12) but the size compensates for that.


Finally!! I found Malay Chinese Takeaway in Hunter Street (near Wynyard Station). All seats are taken and the queue was still long….well, its lunch hour, what do I expect.


I jump in line and ordered Chicken Laksa. While waiting for my order and looking around for a seat, I spotted all these people wearing bib …making sure they don’t ruin their nice clothes with the stain of red curry paste. This is a restaurant that had patrons wearing bibs (selling of 30 or 50 cents, if I am not mistaken) and a sambal pot that you can help yourself with, in case the spicyness is still not enough. To join the crowd digging in at the sambal pot, I put extra spoon on my soup…just on the side, to be safe.

Chicken was soft and moist….the soup was sweet and didn’t burn my tongue….MUCH…but oh boy, I sweat too much with this one.

Good price ($7.70-$10) and size. Just be patient while waiting for a seat…doesn’t take long.


So after three days of getting entice….I can finally say, I am a LAKSA addict!!! I went for more on all restaurants (tried others but the three mentioned were my fav) tried chicken, vegetables and chicken with wonton…the same week!!!

I didn’t suffer much….just a few sweaty days and burned tongue but I love the sweetness and kick of the Curry Laksa Soup in my tastebud.

And this is my LAKSA ADVENTURE in a week.